present perfect

Last session was about the present perfect

Teacher and I talked about jealous ,and that which are  more jealous men or woman

I said both , just more ladies because they're detailed

So I  learned to say my husband is carefree

Present perfect : work in the past and effect untill now but the time is not specified

My husband has been to Africa but I haven't been to Africa

I  have = I've

He has = He 's

Today session continue the course present perfect as well as we going to talke about regular and irregular verbs present perfect


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session tonight


Last session we talked about the pronunciation of adverbs and the features cities of Iran

I learned conversation leave the hotel

Session tonight we're going to talk about the present perfect I don't remember anything of the present perfect

And we speake of character called jealous

Are you jealous? hardly ever

I like that I'm talking about people character



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adjectives and adverbs

Class on 94/5/26 was very good and useful

We talked about adjectives and adverbs also features people of Milan،Tokyo ، Los Angeles and our country : Tabriz ،Tehran ،Mashhad

Los Angeles people work very hard and they say have a good day

Tokyo people drive carefully ،they can walk safely in the city and they are shy and polite

Milan people wear dresses well and stylish ،  they love food

Also I learned new vocabulary because I'm happy

Thanks to my teacher



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Today's lesson about adjectives and adverbs

I like to talk about people of my country ، food and drive and



In my country ، people drive dangerously 


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would like to

Last session 94/05/21 I was absent but saw the report class

I learned the vocabulary weather

I can say very beautiful rainbow after the rain

Also I learned rules would like to

would like + to + verb

would like to is useed mean want

would like to buy a new car

I would like =I'd like

She would like = she'd like / he'd

They would like = they'd like

We would like = we'd like

You would like = you'd like








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Last session was a good class we spoke about superlative adjectives

I like to learn to talk about the weather also about weather and adjectives my country





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